Price from 60 RUR / m2 a month. 5000 m2 of free area. Tel.: +7 (495) 741-29-21
+ 7 (495) 514-43-77
E-mail: klient@logisticworld.ru

  • Storage on an open storage ground, leasing.


  • Concrete pavement, 5000 m2 on the territory of the warehouse complex.

  • Around-the-clock security, video-monitoring, fenced territory, efficient access for trucks.

  • Price from 60 RUR / m2 a month.

  • Different variants of cooperation.

  • Portion-wise leasing.

  • Loading / unloading, incl. services of cranes and other loading machinery.

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Немного о нашей компании

Компания "Логистический Мир" специализируется на услугах ответственного хранения и грузоперевозках. Мы не ошиблись, когда взяли на себя роль логистического провайдера. Анализ рынка показал, что спрос на логистические услуги имеет устойчивый рост. Компании-оптовики и компании-производители уже сегодня столь масштабно наращивают обороты, что им остро не хватает вчерашних складских площадей. Сегодня в числе наших клиентов...

in detail...

Our unique competitive advantage is favorable location of warehouses in close proximity to 5 biggest highways of North-West of the Moscow Region: Leningradskoye Highway (M-10), the Russian route M9, Pyatnitskoe highway (P-111), the Moscow Small Ring (А-107) und the Moscow Big Ring (А-108).

Advantages of cooperation:


  • Price from 7 RUR for square meter / day

  • Unique geographical position

  • An opportunity of complete outsourcing (all the logistics processes remote control in the Internet)

  • Railway branch

  • Responsible storage and careful attitude to the goods

  • All types of related services: packing, over-packing, grading of commodities, stock-taking, order batching, palletizing, picking, marking of goods etc.

  • High qualified stable staff

  • Automated stock accounting and providing the customer with all the necessary updated information and opportunity of stock control for your company

  • Creation of all documents, that are necessary for the customer

  • An opportunity of unloading and placing of outsize loads

  • Free parking for our clients within 24 hours

  • a 24-hours-a-day work of the warehouse complex

  • 24-hour multilayered security (video monitoring, alarm system etc.)

  • Individual attention to every client






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