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  • Storage on an open storage ground, leasing.


  • Concrete pavement, 5000 m2 on the territory of the warehouse complex.

  • Around-the-clock security, video-monitoring, fenced territory, efficient access for trucks.

  • Price from 60 RUR / m2 a month.

  • Different variants of cooperation.

  • Portion-wise leasing.

  • Loading / unloading, incl. services of cranes and other loading machinery.

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Немного о нашей компании

Компания "Логистический Мир" специализируется на услугах ответственного хранения и грузоперевозках. Мы не ошиблись, когда взяли на себя роль логистического провайдера. Анализ рынка показал, что спрос на логистические услуги имеет устойчивый рост. Компании-оптовики и компании-производители уже сегодня столь масштабно наращивают обороты, что им остро не хватает вчерашних складских площадей. Сегодня в числе наших клиентов...

in detail...
Responsible storage



Choose responsible storage 

  • By responsible storage you pay for required space only rather than to pay for the whole rented (or owned) warehouse. It means that all the material costs will be distributed proportionally between all the customers of the logistic operator.

  • Responsible storage does not need additional costs, because all the costs for purchase and depreciation of machinery, handling of warehouses, telecommunications, office, salaries and all related risks are incurred by the logistic operator


Choose responsible storage with Logistic World 

  • Efficient and qualitative handling of goods is the main part of responsible storage. More than six years already the main activity of the Logistic World Company is exactly this service. It means that our experience let us offer our clients maximally efficient and responsible variants of handling, placing and storing of most complicated and responsible goods

  • Our unique warehouse program, specially developed by our workers, takes into account all the possible specific requirements of every client and provides currently an automated document flow, identification of storage sites and complete information about movement of commodity flow in the warehouse and rests in the warehouse.




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