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  • Storage on an open storage ground, leasing.


  • Concrete pavement, 5000 m2 on the territory of the warehouse complex.

  • Around-the-clock security, video-monitoring, fenced territory, efficient access for trucks.

  • Price from 60 RUR / m2 a month.

  • Different variants of cooperation.

  • Portion-wise leasing.

  • Loading / unloading, incl. services of cranes and other loading machinery.

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Немного о нашей компании

Компания "Логистический Мир" специализируется на услугах ответственного хранения и грузоперевозках. Мы не ошиблись, когда взяли на себя роль логистического провайдера. Анализ рынка показал, что спрос на логистические услуги имеет устойчивый рост. Компании-оптовики и компании-производители уже сегодня столь масштабно наращивают обороты, что им остро не хватает вчерашних складских площадей. Сегодня в числе наших клиентов...

in detail...

Сorporate holiday

February, 1st 2014

Staff of the Logistic World Company not only works friendly and to a good quality, but also regularly rests together.  

On the 1st February we had a corporate trip to a spring: Gremyachy spring (waterfall), Sergius of Radonezh spring in Sergiyevo-Posadsky District in the Moscow Region

The Gremyachy spring is an unusual sight. You can hear the waterfall from afar. Almost in the middle of a cliff there are several springs there in limestone splits.  

In Soviet times the Gremyachy spring was an ecological monument. Today the Gremyachy spring is an object of a religious faith. The territory and accesses to the waterfall are improved today: bridges and ladders are established, garden houses, bathhouses, a Church and a chapel are built. The Waterfall is a pilgrimage destination and a popular tourist object now.

Cheerful and beautiful weekend together.





APRIL, 2013

 After April 2013 approach of vehicles with a capacity of more than 12 T to the Moscow Ring Road will be banned from 06.00 to 22.00 daily. Additionally: from the 1st May to the 1st October the transportation of trucks will be banned from 6:00 to 00:00 from Friday to Sunday and on holydays.

Highway Moscow – St. Petersburg – Moscow is being built on the section of road between the 15th and the 58th kilometers. This section of road will be put into operation as the first one what will help us to transport goods in an efficient way practically from doors of our warehouse to Moscow.

These facts make the location of our warehouse complex more efficient, noticeable and essential for our customers. Now if you need our services you will not rack your brains about the problem «How to meet Moscow?” It will be enough to note the address of our complex in trading documents and all the related questions concerning the delivery of goods, we will take upon ourselves.




The whole December as befits we had a New Year feeling: the Logistic World Company was preparing to the New Year’s celebration!

Not the first year Logistic World takes care of thousands of spruces, firs etc., which were carefully grown in nursery gardens, specially cut and carefully packed and transferred to the territory of our warehouse complex for further handling and delivery to trading points.

This work is not simple: to sort, mark, pack and palletize spinescent massive trees is a challenge for not beginners. Additionally, this cargo must be handled as soon as possible: on 1st of December salesmen do not need trees, but on the 1st of January… WITHOUT DELAY! That’s why it was important to make the movement of these goods quicker and more efficient.

At a holyday night beautiful trees from our warehouses stood in many thousands of homes. And we are proud of our participation!


Open secured storage on lease



Moving is one of our services, which grows rapidly. Nowadays you can choose logistic services from a wide list of services that Logistic World provides for you.
Besides main services like responsible storage, leasing of warehouse, transportation of goods
we can help you to prepare you goods for transportation, packing, mantling, dismantling, loading of several types of goods outside our warehouse and transportation to given address or for responsible storage. All these works are managed by your personal manger and high qualified staff, by using of loading machinery and packing materials.

Now we develop a new direction of our services: transportation.
Today our customers do not need to rack their brains and search for a responsible transport operator.
We will solve any problem of transportation of different type of goods in Moscow, the Moscow Region and the Russian Federation in an efficient way.
The majority of our clients use our transport with great pleasure not only for delivery of goods from their place to our warehouses, but also for unloading of goods to their contractors. They do it because it’s efficient, responsible, rapid and low-cost. Our owned fleet of vehicles of different capacity let us meet all the requirements of our customers!

The Logistic World Company provides handling of goods, delivered by railway. 8 km far from the access on the territory of our complex there is a branch for unloading/loading works (rail cars, open cars, platforms). All the works are carried out by means of Komatsu loading appliance, automated cranes or manually in dependence of requirements of every client. Selection and batching of goods are also possible for rapid delivery of goods to final consumer.




How many red dots?




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