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E-mail: klient@logisticworld.ru

  • Storage on an open storage ground, leasing.


  • Concrete pavement, 5000 m2 on the territory of the warehouse complex.

  • Around-the-clock security, video-monitoring, fenced territory, efficient access for trucks.

  • Price from 60 RUR / m2 a month.

  • Different variants of cooperation.

  • Portion-wise leasing.

  • Loading / unloading, incl. services of cranes and other loading machinery.

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Немного о нашей компании

Компания "Логистический Мир" специализируется на услугах ответственного хранения и грузоперевозках. Мы не ошиблись, когда взяли на себя роль логистического провайдера. Анализ рынка показал, что спрос на логистические услуги имеет устойчивый рост. Компании-оптовики и компании-производители уже сегодня столь масштабно наращивают обороты, что им остро не хватает вчерашних складских площадей. Сегодня в числе наших клиентов...

in detail...
  • Safe custody

  • Heated / unheated warehouse

  • Open area, parking

  • Order batching / picking

  • Palletising, packing, over-packing

  • Efficient handling of goods and delivery to the client (cross docking)

  • Cargo transportation Moscow, Moscow Region, Russian Federation

  • Owned state-of-art truck fleet

  • Responsible expert expedited drivers

  • Satellite vehicle tracking system

  • Traffic pass in zones with a pass control system

  • Solutions for oversized cargoes

                  OUR ADVANTAGES
  • Unique geographical position

  • Our own branch line

  • Around-the-clock work of the warehouse complex

  • Multilayered around-the-clock security

  • Qualified regular staff

  • Automated inventory accounting

  • Individual stock checking

  • Providing the customers with pictures of received cargoes

  • Safe custody and careful attitude

  • Individual attention to customers


 Presence of warehouse is an integral part of any trading company. If you don’t have your own warehouse, you can take it on lease. But not every warehouse is held in a proper way.


The Internet is full with newspaper ads like “warehouse for rent, Moscow”. But do not hurry to answer the first good offer, even if it’s a low-cost one. When the warehouse proves to be ill equipped, it will inevitably result in deterioration of goods and subsequently to heavy losses.


Our company provide warehouse for temporary safe storage of your goods: construction materials, furniture, food products and clothes. Place, where your warehouse will be situated, is the Moscow Region. You can rent both open and closed storages, which are fitted with up-to-date equipment.

The warehouse floorage for safe custody of goods may vary. In dependence of conditions of the storing goods we can provide you with small or large area.



Warehouse can be rented for any length of time. Our company is trying to establish all the best conditions suitable for every client. We assure all the customers, which are using our warehouse area, that their goods will be safe stored in compliance of particular characteristics of the goods. Our motto is customer-oriented approach.


Do you need warehouse for perishable goods? Nothing's easier! Our warehouses placed in the Moscow Region are fitted with reefer equipment and conditioning system of high quality.


If you need a warm storage warehouse for storing of office equipment, work tools, office supplies, we will fulfill such a requirement with ease.


The goods are stored by qualified staff. Our services include logistics (delivery engineering) and automated inventory accounting. If you accept our ad “warehouse for rent”, you will get a comprehensive approach and European service. All our clients notice high quality of our service, safe custody of goods and well-developed infrastructure of our warehouses.


Storage services also include fast and efficient loading and discharging of cargoes. Our warehouses provide all the suitable necessary conditions. You can check this out for yourself.

We rent out warehouse area in the Moscow Region fitted with all the necessary equipment: loading appliances, lifting facilities. Certain warehouses provide access for heavy vehicles. We regularly carry out a preventive maintenance inspection to detect any possible faults.


Further important factor by warehouse lease is its location. Many clients prefer to rent a warehouse in close proximity to their office and transport routes. Our company has a lot of warehouses on the territory of the Moscow Region and is ready to offer a wide range of possible variants.


One of the most important requirements of our customers is safe custody of goods. The Logistic World company guarantees absolute safety of the cargo within the whole storage period. Any warehouse in the Moscow Region secures your cargo not only from law breakers but also from environmental impact.


Our company not only stores but also delivers several types of goods. We have our own truck fleet and can carry out any types of transportation within the city, including Northern Administrative District and North-Eastern Administrative District to a good quality and on term.


Our office is situated in the Moscow Region to the address: Solnechnogorsk District, Krivtsovo village, 3A. If you need safe custody of your goods, cold or warm storage warehouse, please, contact us freely by the phone or e-mail. Our managers will conclude a contract and tell you what documents are needed for safe custody (incl. freight documents) and how your goods will be delivered to the expedited driver.


Warehouse area can be rented for any length of time. We guarantee safe custody of any good, from cement and decking to mirror doors.


Rental price for a warehouse in close proximity to Moscow is quite reasonable. You will find our price-list and online calculator in respective sections of our website. Concerning the commission fee please contact our manager:





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